Hyundai's back baby

Hyundai's short lived Santa Fe ad is back, albeit with a few modifications.
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The ad was pulled from air five months ago by the Advertising Standrards Board after over eighty mindless complaints from viewers (who clearly had nothing better to do) claimed the ad was a bad influence on children and that it could lead to toddlers driving cars or even hitch hiking.

Give me a break!

It seems in our politically correct world that some light hearted, imaginative advertising is too much for our fragile minds to take (though somehow pinky finger wiggling insults to our manhood are acceptable).

Personally I thought it was a good ad, cute even, but clearly I am mad and should be outcast from society.

So for now it's a case of no fast cars in ads, no toddlers surfing in nappies, and no 'fancy' driving. Perhaps we should just look at a car static on the screen for thirty seconds, engine off so as not to offend our ears, or hug some trees and catch the train instead.

But I digress. For now, at least, the ad is back. There's no driving scenes and no hitch hiking babies, but at least, in part, it's a small win for common sense.