Aston Martin, together with Dutch boat builders Quintessence Yachts, has showcased a new AM37 powerboat during this week's Milan Design Week.
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Churning out 775kW from two V8 engines, the 37-foot (12.3 metre) AM37 can reach speeds of up to 52 knots. However, customers who are after a more tame seafaring machine can opt for the lower-powered AM37, its two 276kW engines offering a top speed of 44 knots.

In a riddle-like statement, Quintessence says of the AM37: “It is not a boat that looks like a car, nor a car that floats like a boat.”


Concept images of the AM37 have been around since 2015, but this week’s unveiling offers potential buyers a first look at the boat’s unique design.

The AM37 showcases carbon-fibre and exotic composite materials, design elements that were spearheaded by the British car maker, who had no part in developing the powertrain offerings of the AM37.

“The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the language of design and we have transferred this language into AM37,” Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman said.


“The new powerboat represents the ideal combination of luxurious and technical materials, generating a powerful yet understated finished product.”

Aston Martin has said its design team will assist buyers with the selection and fit-out of their boat’s trim via its existing Q scheme, which offers the same service for the company’s cars.

The AM37 is not expected to hit the water until later this year.