A first look at a new-generation 2018 Infiniti QX70 SUV has surfaced today, with a shadowy teaser released ahead of this month’s Beijing motor show.
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Previewing a new concept dubbed QX Sport Inspiration, the image offers a revealing look at the new SUV show car’s front quarter.

As with the Q30, QX30 and Q60 concepts before it, the new QX Sport Inspiration concept will debut with muscular curves, deep intakes and the Infiniti brand’s broad new grille design.

A unique LED lighting treatment can also be seen, giving the concept a row of glowing eyelashes below each of the slender headlights.

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration breaks cover ahead of 2016 Beijing Auto Show

And, as with those earlier concepts, the QX Sport Inspiration is likely to represent a telling look at Infiniti’s next-generation SUV family above the compact new QX30.

Depending on the market, Infiniti’s current and recently renamed SUV line-up includes the new QX30, along with the QX50 (which launched first as the EX in 2007), the QX60 (JX, 2012), the QX70 (FX, 2008), and the big QX80 (QX56, 2010).

The QX Sport Inspiration is described as a mid-sized premium SUV, but in Australia it would likely debut as a replacement for the QX70, which is sold here in the ‘large SUV’ class.

That would make the new SUV a rival to models like the Lexus RX, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, and - in styling and proportions if not in brand cachet - the Porsche Cayenne and Jaguar F-Pace.


Above: the ageing Infiniti QX70, formerly known as the FX.

The current QX70’s advancing years mean we can likely expect the QX Sport Inspiration to transition to production in the next year, with an Australian debut possibly on the cards for late 2017 or early 2018.

In the meantime, we can expect the new Q30, QX30 and Q60 models to arrive down-under by the end of 2016.

Watch for the QX Sport Inspiration to make its official debut at the Beijing motor show on April 24.