BMW Hydrogen 7 Reaches Epic Milestone

BMW are still leading the way in alternatively fueled cars with their fleet of 100 BMW Hydrogen 7 limousines racking up over 2 million kilometres.
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BMW's 12-Cylinder Hydrogen Combustion Engine

These limo's have been used to pioneer the environmentally friendly hydrogen powered engines developed by BMW.

They are scattered around the world in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, China and France and are used by everyone from politicians to Hollywood A-lister's.

The very first Hydrogen 7 went to German Federal Minister for Economy and Technology, Michael Glos who spoke with enthusiasm about the handover.

“BMW demonstrates how the German automotive industry is pressing ahead with methods of resolution to ensure the sustainable mobility of tomorrow”

However he was only the first of numerous public identities to use these hydrogen powered limos. Other prominent personalities who have been handed the keys include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who enjoyed a taste of Hydrogen 7 power at the “Ocean’s Thirteen” premiere; Richard Gere and Sharon Stone arrived in style at the Cinema for Peace Gala in Berlin; and recently the CEO of Linde AG, Wolfgang Reitzle, received his new BMW Hydrogen 7 company car.

bmwhydro_presented.jpgNicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor of London receives a BMW Hydrogen 7 from John Hollis, BMW's Head of Government and Industrial Affairs

Christoph Huss, the head of Science and Transport Policy of the BMW Group is satisfied with the first BMW Hydrogen 7 handovers.

“The positive response of our first customers undoubtedly supports the fact that we are on the right course with the concept of the BMW Hydrogen 7 which uses a hydrogen internal combustion engine,”

The BMW Group is forging ahead with hydrogen technology. The group has been actively pursuing the concept of sustainable mobility for more than two decades. Petrol is expected to be replaced by hydrogen as a source of energy in the long term.