Modern Car Marketing

Jaguar has taken Car Marketing to a new level. The new "Gorgeous Marketing Campaign" has raised a few eyebrows around the world. The idea is simple, Jaguar will give you a brand new Jaguar XKs if they believe you suit their image. If you are rich, succesful, and have that kind of lifestyle that makes the rest of the world jelous and Jaguar thinks highly of you, you will get a Jaguar XKs to drive around for a while, free of charge.
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Jaguar hopes that by giving these cars to succesful (gorgeous) people, it will increase not only the car's exposure but also show the car off to potential buyers who might envy the gorgeous person's lifestyle! Or perhaps it aims to give these cars to rich and succesful people who are role models for the younger generation, hoping to change that perception of Jaguar as the old man's car.

What can I say, this new form of Car Marketing is definately one to cause a little bit of public outcry (at least some attention). It does have the potential to backfire, but I think Jaguar have already thought of that.