If you’re not satisfied with the current stock of British Royal Family memorabilia, you could now get your hands on a 2012 Bentley Mulsanne once owned by Queen Elizabeth II.
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The car is listed by a dealership in Surrey, England on car-trading website Auto Trader, for just under 200,000 pounds ($374,400).

The Mulsanne was commissioned specifically by the Royal Family in 2012 and was used during the Queen’s diamond jubilee. It was retired from duty in 2014, having travelled a measly 9392 kilometres.


This example of the Mulsanne is unlike any other that rolled off the assembly line with it. Inside is a full-leather interior with a walnut burr-veneer trim on the fold-down tables and rear-quarter vanity mirrors. All seats carry the embroidered Bentley stamp and, as you’d expect, the navigation system lists Windsor Castle as the home address.

Under the bonnet lies a 6.8-litre turbocharged V8 engine producing 373kW of power and 1020Nm of torque, capable of propelling Lizzy and the Royal Corgis to 100km/h in just over five seconds.

This isn’t the first time the public has had the chance to snap up the Royal Family’s automotive hand-me-downs. In 2010 another of the Queen’s personal drives, a V8-powered Jaguar Daimler Majestic, went on sale for $120,000.


The following year, a 2001 Volkswagen Golf owned by Kate Middleton, was ambitiously valued at over $30,000. The now-Duchess of Cambridge racked up close to 100,000 kilometres during her time with the car.

The Golf was listed on eBay with a reserve of 20,000 pounds ($37,446) but failed to receive any bids.