The iconic Jeep Wrangler is getting in on the ute sales boom and, with the next generation, will be available as a dual-cab pick-up in Australia.
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Speaking with CarAdvice this week, FCA Australia marketing and product manager, Zac Loo said that the anticipated Wrangler ute would be a logical extension of the model line-up, particularly for the Australian market.

The car will be based on the four-door Unlimited configuration, matched specifically to a tub and not a tray.


Off-road ability is at the forefront of the Wrangler pick-up's capabilities, and this will be a lifestyle-centric car rather than a specifically work-oriented utility.

Custom Wrangler ute conversions have long been a favourite of Jeep aficionados, with a number of kits currently available. American Expedition Vehicles offers a turn-key Wrangler pick-up with a 1.5-meter square tub, similar to the size on a Ford Ranger.

While the design of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler is still unknown, the AEV Brute serves as a good indication of what to expect.


A number of other details about the new pick-up Wrangler ute were confirmed at last month's New York motor show. Read more at the links below.

Tell us, is a Wrangler pickup something you would be interested in?

Images courtesy American Expedition Vehicles.