Hyundai is set to take aim at the German big boys with a US$113,000 stretched version of its flagship Equus.
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Likely to be dubbed the Equus Limousine, the wheelbase would be extended some 300mm over that of the standard sedan taking the Limousines's total length to 5461mm.

Hyundai will offer both the Equus and Equus Limousine with V6 and V8 engines. Three bulletproof models have also been created for the Korean presidential residence.

Equus amenities include a lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, heated steering wheel, a rear seat that massages the passenger's back and a built-in fridge.


The Equus shares a rear-drive platform with the Hyundai Genesis sedan albeit 110mm longer.

Orders are currently being taken in the US and South Korea but a steadfast production date has not been confirmed.