Hyundai has filed a patent application for what looks like the lovechild of a Volkswagen Camper van and Tesla’s new Model X SUV, showcasing a design that offers full access to the second and third row of seating, while also giving access to the boot from the same opening.


The design application, published this week, incorporates a conventional sliding door - the sort used by most people-movers - into a larger gullwing arrangement that stretches almost from the front doors all the way to the rear.


Hyundai says the design is inspired by the “wing-body of a truck”, which allows for greater access to the cargo area and the rear rows of seats, at the same time creating a sheltered space to enjoy the surroundings.

It remains to be seen if Hyundai will bring this concept to production - possibly on a future camper-van-style variant of its iMax people-mover - but, as with many of the wilder design patents that appear online, it may end up relegated to the round file.