GM cancels eBay program trial

General Motors has officially pulled the plug on its experimental eBay sales program after too few deals were actually completed in the on-line environment.
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GM launched the eBay program in California on August 11th with the hopes of boosting interest in its new car offerings. The program was extended earlier this month to run through the end of September, but GM announced on Tuesday that it will not renew its partnership with eBay after the end of the month.

“The need to roll eBay out nationally isn’t there as it was when we first rolled out the pilot,” said GM spokesman, Mr John McDonald. “At the time we had no large, national marketing programs in the system, so that made sense at the time.”

Over the course of the program, 1.5 million visitors viewed GM’s eBay offerings.

GM hasn’t ruled out a return to eBay, but will instead focus on other programs.