Mazda will unveil its next-generation engine line-up and a new automatic transmission at next month's Tokyo Motor Show.
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The 'Mazda SKY-G' direct injection petrol (G for gasoline) and 'Mazda SKY-D' clean diesel engine will be showcased along side Mazda's new 'SKY Drive' automatic tranmsission.

SKY-G is a next-generation direct injection petrol engine with significantly improved fuel economy and output performance due to enhanced thermal efficiency. The engine block is newly designed to reduce mechanical friction and achieve an optimal air-fuel mix, and a direct fuel injection system is employed due to the wide variety of spray profiles that are possible, enabling the maximum expansion ratio to be achieved.

Fuel economy and torque are improved by approximately 15 per cent compared to Mazda’s current 2.0-litre engine. This was achieved by adopting next-generation fuel injectors and a highly functional variable valve timing mechanism. The engine enables fuel economy equivalent to the current Mazda2 to be achieved in a vehicle the size of a Mazda3.


SKY-D clean diesel engine boasts high fuel economy and output performance as well as low exhaust emissions. The newly designed engine block reduces mechanical friction to the level of a petrol engine. By optimising the pressure and temperature in the cylinders, the shape of combustion chambers, and the fuel injection rate, combustion begins at the best timing in terms of thermal efficiency.

Employing piezo injectors, a two-stage turbocharger and other technologies, fuel economy becomes approximately 20 percent better than the current 2.2-litre diesel engine. Mazda has achieved fuel economy equivalent to the current Mazda2 in a vehicle the size of a Mazda6.


The SKY-Drive automatic transmission is highly efficient, contributing to substantially improved fuel economy and a more direct feel compared with the current unit. It improves fuel economy by approximately five per cent, due to a complete redesign that significantly reduces mechanical friction, a revised torque converter and clutch with minimised slip, and an optimised lock-up mechanism.

A rapid clutch action was achieved by identifying the minimum amount of fluid necessary. This also helped to realise a direct feel similar to a dual clutch transmission.


The new engines and transmission will feature alongside Mazda's new concept car, the Kiyora, which aims to exhibit Mazda’s next-generation environmental and safety technologies.

The Mazda Kiyora is a compact concept car that is both extremely eco-friendly and fun-to-drive due to the combination of Mazda’s next-generation direct injection Mazda SKY-G 1.3-litre engine and new compact and lightweight six-speed Mazda SKY-Drive automatic transmission.


The Kiyora achieves excellent fuel economy figures of 3.1L/100km aided by Mazda’s unique i-stop idling stop system, regenerative braking, and advanced aerodynamics around a compact body that is 100kg lighter than Mazda’s current mass production model in the same segment.

Mazda will display advanced technologies designed to improve the average fuel economy of Mazda vehicles sold globally 30 per cent by 2015 compared to 2008 levels. This is part of Mazda’s long-term vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom.

Mazda is committed to significantly improving the core aspects of its vehicles that affect performance – engines, transmissions, and vehicle weight – in order to achieve elevated driving pleasure together with outstanding environmental and safety features.

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