Tesla has today opened another Supercharger site in its growing national network, with the latest station opening in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

Following the opening of the Gundagai, Goulburn and Wodonga Supercharger stations between Melbourne and Sydney, Tesla is now looking to go further north to provide a free network for Model S owners between Sydney and Brisbane.

Located on the Pacific Highway at Cassegrain Winery, the Port Macquarie Supercharger can charge up to six Model S at a time.

To charge your Model S up to a full ‘tank’ takes around an hour, giving drivers another 500 kilometres of zero-emissions range.


The new site is the first part of Tesla’s network to head north of Sydney, which by the end of the year will allow Model S owners to travel to Brisbane for free.

The fast-recharge stations are available to use for all Tesla owners free-of-charge, providing up to 270 kilometres of additional range after just 30 minutes.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony has already taken place, where current owners drove to visit the site and prospective buyers were able to test drive Model S vehicles.