The final special-edition Ford Falcon has now been revealed and we spent some time behind the wheel this week (read our Falcon XR6 Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint reviews).
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And, while you've seen the Sprint name splashed liberally across CarAdvice over the past couple of days, Ford had tested a number of other names that were (thankfully) discounted.

The process of developing the Falcon Sprint range began in earnest around two years ago, with a team of 15 working full time on the project.

Early on in the piece, the team had to decide on the name. Names that were bandied about included the Super Falcon, Phase 6 and Phase 8.


Earlier Falcons carrying the 'Phase' nameplate include the iconic XY Falcon GT-HO (Phase III) and the XA Falcon GT-HO (Phase IV). And, the Super Falcon name was used on two hand-built GT-HO Phase IIIs that were built in 1971 at a cost of $125,000 each.

CarAdvice spoke with Falcon Sprint program manager, Justin Capicchiano, who described the names Ford went through before settling on Sprint.

"There were some that just weren't going to happen. We said Phase 6 and Phase 8...and Super Falcon was another...but we settled on Sprint because if you look at what ED Sprint was and you look at the content of that car and the theme.

"We've basically looked at it and without deliberately trying [to make it like the ED Sprint] we just said let's come up with this car and see what it feels like.


"We ended and said yeah, this works, it feels right."

CarAdvice exclusively revealed last year that the final Falcon would be named Sprint.

At the same time, we came across the name 'GT-H', which was, incidentally, going to be used as the name for what we now know as the GT-F.

Do you like the Sprint name? Would you have preferred Phase 6 or Phase 8, or even Super Falcon?