The arrival of the last Ford Falcons ever, the Falcon XR6 Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint, has caused a rush for Ford dealers with almost all 1400 vehicles already sold, before the vehicles go on sale in May.
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Ford Australia will begin production of Falcon Sprint models in late March with the vehicle officially going on sale in May 2016.

But, the entire Falcon Sprint range is almost sold out with only a handful of vehicles left. Most orders were placed with dealers sight unseen and with no actual details about the car.


Ford will build a total of 1400 Falcon Sprint vehicles, with the split being 850 Falcon XR8 Sprints and 550 Falcon XR6 Sprints. 50 of the six-cylinder and 100 of the eight-cylinder Sprints will go to New Zealand.

According to Ford, the entire allocation of Falcon XR6 Sprints has been accounted for, likewise all manual Falcon XR8 Sprints. The only cars left are a small number of automatic Falcon XR8 Sprints.


Two car dealers have advertised Falcon XR8 Sprints for $77,880 and $79,990 respectively, demanding a $20,000 premium over the recommended retail price.

The Falcon Sprint range was engineered by a group of 15 from Ford Australia over a period of around two years. The final product offers a revitalised Falcon with over 400kW available on overboost in Falcon XR8 Sprint guise.