Citroen set for big growth in 2016 and beyond

When a brand sells just over 1100 vehicles in 12 months, it’s fair to assume that growth is what’s required. And Citroen’s Australian arm is looking for exactly that.
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Citroen – which is imported by local distributor Sime Darby alongside fellow PSA makes Peugeot and DS – suffered a sales drop of about 15 per cent last year.

This year, though, should be a bit different, with the arrival of the most hotly-anticipated model from the company – the Citroen C4 Cactus – which should see sales rise markedly.

Newly-appointed general manager of Citroen, Peugeot and DS in Australia, Kai Bruesewitz, made it clear that he was joining the Citroen brand at a time when growth is not just expected – it’s assured.

2016 Citroen C4 Cactus_17

“That would be my expectation, yes,” he said when asked if sales will jump in 2016. “In particular with the Cactus as being a car that will appeal to a broad audience.”

When it comes to the other brands, Bruesewitz made it clear that he expects to see sales rise for Peugeot, though the DS sub-brand – which is still sold through Citroen – is not as likely to see a jump based on a lack of suitable product: namely an SUV.

“We want to grow with both brands,” he said of Peugeot and Citroen. “And that would hopefully mean that the more we grow, the more balanced this ratio becomes.

“Because the growth potential for Citroen from a lower volume base is probably higher, and then they would get closer,” he said of the margin between the two brands. In 2015 Peugeot sold 4000 units to Citroen’s 1106.


“We don’t have an agenda to close that gap. We’ve got to grow with both brands, but I guess naturally it will become a bit more balanced,” Bruesewitz said of the new models in the pipeline for Citroen.

A second, larger SUV is expected in the next two years, which will certainly add appeal for the chevron brand.

“I wouldn’t commit to a number. We have expectations with [the C4 Cactus], and I’m sure it will be a success and then we’ll see how it performs.”

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