Mazda3 MPS - No 4 Engine Mount Bolt Recall
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Make and Model: Mazda3 MPS

Number of Vehicles Effected: 1160

Model Years From: 22 May 2006 - 29 March 2007

Campaign Number: R200702

VIN Range: JM0BK103200300010 ~ JM0BK103200358229

Whats Wrong? Under certain conditions (rapid acceleration/racing starts) the No. 4 engine mount securing bolt may loosen. If the vehicle is driven when this concern is present, the No. 4 engine mount securing bolt may come out or break, allowing the engine and transmission assembly to drop down.

What Should You Do? Contact your nearest Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. Further information is available on Freecall 1800 034 411 or

This is currently the second recall for the Mazda3 MPS.