Porsche Boxster R spy pics

Porsche engineers picked the wrong day to take the top down on this car. When the Porsche Boxster Speedster was caught on camera with the top open for the first time, the Nürburgring was besieged with rain.
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Although the last Speedster trimline came on the 911 line, this latest prototype is concealing the Speedster's classic double humps behind the headrests along the rear deck. As the camouflage indicates, we could expect to see those rises stretch back towards the end of the car.

A Boxster Speedster has been speculated for quite some time now, with many thinking it would be introduced at Frankfurt. Now the hope would be that Porsche gets this ready in time for either Los Angeles, Detroit, or Geneva.


If they get the car out there by the end of the year, they can claim that it is celebrating the Speedster's 55th anniversary. The Porsche Boxster Speedster could potentially get Porsche's six cylinder, 3.4-litre engine that produces 223kW.