The Volkswagen Amarok is the first vehicle to be recalled in Australia as a result of the diesel emissions scandal.
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Volkswagen Australia today announced the recall would begin with 8694 affected Amaroks. Owners were contacted via email this morning.

The company says the recall comprises a software upgrade done by a dealer technician, which will take fewer than 30 minutes to complete per car.

Additionally, Volkswagen says that the flash “does not lead to a deterioration of the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, engine performance, torque and vehicle acoustics and all vehicle values related to type approval remain unchanged”.


Volkswagen will work through recalls on a model-by-model basis throughout the course of the year. There are 77,000 cars affected in total — you can read the whole list here — with the Passat expected to be next.

Volkswagen has sold a lot more than 8694 Amaroks since the car launched in early 2011. While the car has retained a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel throughout, the recall only affects early-build models.

The specifics of why only 2011 and 2012 Amaroks are affected are not clear, but it raises an interesting question.

VW’s statement went on to say that “recalls for other Volkswagen Group models with 2.0 litre EA189 diesel engines will continue throughout the year, progressing model-by-model”.

2015 Volkswagen Amarok_05

A recall for the smaller, affected 1.6 litre vehicles will commence later this year.

The company has added that customers should ‘wait until they receive a letter from Volkswagen Australia before booking a dealer appointment’.

Volkswagen and Škoda customers who remain unsure if their vehicle is affected can enter their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) via a link on the relevant brand websites:, and

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