Citroen luxury offshoot DS has handed down a teaser image of a new coupe concept it will reveal in Geneva next week, dubbed DS E-Tense.
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Although clearly a play on the word intense, the concept’s name is likely also a hint at an all-electric or electric-assisted powertrain - a design that would make this the DS brand’s first EV, and perhaps Citroen’s most thrilling since the Survolt concept in 2010.

And, while reports of a production future for the Survolt never panned out, the current frenzy for electric and plug-in hybrid models could very easily see the E-Tense launched as a style and technology flagship for the DS brand.


For its part, Citroen - through its DS brand - has yet to reveal any specific details for the new concept, although its market-ready proportions suggest a production schedule could indeed be on the cards.

The concept’s drive configuration will be a point of interest for enthusiasts, however: if it an all-new all-electric platform, a twin-motor or in-wheel-motor design could feature, giving the E-Tense an all-wheel drive layout.

Whatever the case, all will be revealed in the coming days. Watch this space.