Toyota plug-in HV

Toyota have delivered what everyone has been asking for, a car that you can just plug into your household electricity socket for more juice. Toyota Motor Corporation has announced today that it received approval from Japan's Ministry of Land for the first plug-in hybrid vehicle (HV) to use on public roads in Japan.
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Much like the Prius (pictured above), the car uses two engines, a standard petrol engine and an electric engine. However the difference is increased battery capacity which gives a longer electric motor-only cruising range and a battery charging device. The idea is that before you go to bed, when you put you plus in your mobile to charge, you also plug your car in.

This way, for short trips, the car can simply run on electricity alone!

So you save the planet and cut down on fuel costs, where is the catch? Toyota says there is still a limited cruising range and issues related to manufacturing cost. The Japanese giant will conduct further testing to determine the optimum cruising range as well as finding clever ways to reduce manufacturing costs.

Public road tests will also be conducted in Japan, Europe and in the States.

Specification table follows:

NameToyota plug-in HV
Length /width/height4445/1725/1490mm
Seating capacity5 person
Cruising range13km in the 10-15 Japanese test cycle
Maximum vehicle speed100 kmh
Maximum output56kW (76ps) / 5000rpm
Maximum torque110Nm (11.2kg-m)/4000rpm
TypeAC synchronis motor
Maximum output50kW (68ps)/1200-1540rpm
Maximum torque400nm (40.8kg-m)/0-1200 rpm
TypeNickel metal hydride
Capacity13Ah (6.5Ah x 2)
Rated voltage202V
Maximum output *100kW (136ps)
Voltage202 - 500V
Power sourceHousehold electrical power
Charging time1-1.5 hours (200V)3-4 hours (100V)