Production of the Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan, coupe and convertible will cease by the end of this year, with a replacement vehicle not due until 2018.
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Overnight, the BMW-owned luxury car maker confirmed that the current seventh-generation Phantom will be phased out of production by year's end.

According to the company's schedule, the final Phantom coupes and drophead coupes will roll out the gate at Goodwood this November. Once out the door, these two variants "will not be replaced".


To celebrate the end of the line for the two-door Phantom, the company will round out the coupe and convertible's manufacturing run with 50 Zenith models.

Full specifications have yet to be released, but Phantom Zenith will be available with a tailgate hosting area, unique instrument dials, a "special treatment" for the Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet, and arm rests with laser etched depictions of Villa D'Este, where the 100EX couple concept was revealed, and Geneva, where the 101EX convertible concept was unveiled.

Production of the seventh-generation Phantom sedan will also finish up this year, although no timeframe has been given for when the final limousines will leave the Goodwood factory.

The brand is hard at work on an eighth-generation Phantom and, as we reported last year, the new super luxury sedan utilises a new aluminium architecture that will be underneath every new Rolls-Royce from early 2018 onwards, including its first ever SUV and the successor to the Ghost range.