Cheapest SUV to maintain (own)

Honda has jumped on the news that the Honda CRV has been listed as the cheapest car of its category to own and maintain in Australia. The results are from the RACV survey which recently found the Honda Civic Hybrid as the cheapest hybrid car to own and maintain.
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The survey shows what we’ve been saying for some time – the CR-V is the ideal choice for customers wanting value for money, The range starts at $29,990, and for that price you get heaps of space, a raft of safety features and 4WD. Add the fact that it uses less fuel than the average Aussie sedan and you’re looking at a very family-friendly package.” said Honda Australia Director Lindsay Smalley

What Mr Smalley forgets to mention is that although you get better fuel economy and 4WD, the CRV's ride, much like the Toyota RAV4 leaves a lot be desired, however for the price and given the survey results, if you are after a small compact SUV then the Honda might be worth a look.

The RACV Survey shows that the Honda CRV costs $189.85 a week to run and maintain, which is $12.06 less than the nearest compact SUV. The top four are listed below:

HONDA CRV 4D 4cyl 2.4L 5 SP Auto $189.85
NISSAN X-TRAIL ST-S 40th ANNIVERSARY 4D 4cyl 2.5L 4 SP Auto $201.91
SUBARU FORESTER X 4D 4cyl 2.5L 4 SP Auto $202.02
TOYOTA RAV4 CV 5D 4cyl 2.4L 4 SP Auto $202.27

However if safety is a big concern you have to think if the extra ~$12.50 that you will save by owning a CRV, as oppose to the Subaru Forester which is the safest car in its class, is worth your life!