Kia introduces 'Eco-Dynamics' sub-brand

The Frankfurt Motor Show will mark the world premiere of Kia's new 'EcoDynamics' sub-brand - the name that will be applied to the most eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range.
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The sub-brand will feature only those cars that possess innovative fuel-stretching and emissions-cutting technologies as they are progressively introduced.

The EcoDynamics vehicles at the show will be equipped with Start/Stop (ISG) to automatically switch off and then restart the engine in congested city driving, an engine-power saving alternator management system, a gear-shift up/down indicator to encourage an economical driving style and low rolling resistance Michelin tyres.

Those vehicles include the Cerato (Forte) LPI hybrid, the cee'd petrol-electric hybrid and the Kia Sorento twin-turbo diesel hybrid.


Future EcoDynamics vehicles will also feature additional CO2 and pollutant reducing technologies such as streamlined body parts, alternative fuel capabilities, high-efficiency transmissions and hybrid, electric or fuel-cell powertrains.

"The introduction of the EcoDynamics badge will enable our customers to quickly and easily identify the most efficient models in Kia's broad spectrum of products," explained Mr Soon-Nam Lee, Director of Overseas Marketing Group, Kia Motors Corporation."To highlight these models in Europe, the usual engine size or engine type badges will be deleted from the vehicle's tailgate or boot lid and replaced by the new EcoDynamics legend."Within each model line-up, we are planning to apply the new badge only to the most eco-friendly versions or to those achieving significant fuel consumption and emission reductions - compared with earlier models."

While delivering significant environmental benefits, Kia's EcoDynamics vehicles will retain a sporty design, fun-to-drive performance and a strong appeal for the young-at-heart.