Citroen Revolte stars at Frankfurt

Citroen has set out to prove to the automotive world at the Frankfurt Motor Show that it still has credentials as a bold, forward-looking brand with the concept car Revolte, an ultra-chic city car combining luxury with a touch of cheek.
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The French carmaker says that a compact city car, Revolte sidesteps the difficulties of dense urban traffic with a totally new approach to small car design.

With its iridescent, glossy colours, silky smooth textiles, and subtle, sophisticated materials, Revolte places passengers in a feminine, cosmetic setting, of bold and elegant design – we’re not sure how the guys feel about that!


Spirited and lively, Revolte also has an eye on the future with its rechargeable hybrid drivetrain.

This ecologically sound technology makes maximum use of electric mode and also contributes to the concept car’s agility.

The rear-hinged doors provide easy access to the cabin, revealing a multi-coloured interior that resembles a box of make-up.

Revolte also dares a three-seat cabin design, said to resemble a lounge with seats similar to those found in home furnishings.

The contemporary, sophisticated character of Revolte is also reflected in its powertrain, which has the future clearly in its sights.

Striking a distinctive note in the automotive industry’s ongoing quest for “all-electric” solutions, Revolte features a solution that is both exciting and credible: a rechargeable hybrid drivetrain.

This means it has a small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor, both able to drive the wheels; it also has the ability to run in all-electric Zero Emission Vehicle mode; and has a battery recharging function that supplies the electric motor.

This rechargeable hybrid drivetrain places the emphasis on “all-electric” running. As well as producing no CO2 emissions, this mode delivers a quiet ride with a high level of driving comfort.

Citroen says Revolte respects the ecological constraints of urban driving in every way while also delivering an agile and spirited ride.

Citroën decided to take a bold approach to revolutionising the conventional image of small cars.

The modern character of Revolte is therefore expressed through provocative styling inspired by one of its most illustrious ancestors: the 2CV.

Citroen says that adopting a heretic stance; Revolte reviews all the codes of the 2CV, and systematically transforms those values that made the 2CV the myth it remains today.

In this way, Revolte expresses the creativity and dynamic vitality of Citroën, a brand in touch with its past but continuously in search of progress.

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