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by David Holmes

CarAdvice has trialled a number of car insurance providers and our pick for cheap car insurance rates and convenience is Bingle. Bingle is Australia’s new low cost, online car insurer and we love it’s simplicity.

Bingle has made the whole process of getting comprehensive car insurance simple. You can simply get a quote, buy and manage your policy online, and get a really good deal.

Bingle is backed by AAMI and judging by the number of people that are joining Bingle, it’s a great alternative to the current car insurance market.

Bingle car insurance still comes with the things you need, like:

– The ability to choose your car’s value
– Lifetime guarantee on repairs
– Cover for damage your car might cause – up to $20 million
– Towing costs

So if you want to pay less for your car insurance and prefer shopping online give bingle a try. Chances are you just might end up saving a bundle by switching to Bingle.