Tesla Model S drops 85kWh battery from range

The Tesla Model S range has been simplified somewhat, with the electric car company removing a few of the car's drivetrain options.
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From today the 85kWh battery option has been dropped from the Tesla Model S lineup. Additionally, the 90kWh battery pack can now only be specified in dual-motor all-wheel drive format.

Heath Walker, a spokesman for Tesla Australia, told "The recently introduced 90kWh battery pack offers unprecedented range and value that has been well received by our customers. As a result, we will no longer be offering the 85kWh battery for new Model S orders.

"[The] Model S is designed to be completely customisable, ensuring that customers are able to build the car that meets their unique needs. "

2015 Tesla Model S P85D v 2015 Audi RS7-118

With these revisions, the revised Model S lineup kicks off with a 70kWh battery available in either 235kW rear-wheel drive format ($122,208) or 245kW all-wheel drive form ($131,958).

Above these are the all-wheel drive only models fitted with the 90kWh battery pack. This part of the range starts with the 311kW 90D ($158,088) and the 376kW P90D ($197,738). Buyers who want to access the 397kW Ludicrous Mode in their P90D sedan must stump up $217,237.

All prices quoted include GST and the luxury car tax, but excludes dealer and statutory charges. All of the maximum output figures listed above are Tesla's "battery limited maximum motor shaft power" numbers.

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