2017 Rolls-Royce Phantom spy photos

The next-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom has been spotted up near the Arctic circle doing a spot of cold weather testing.
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From what we can see here, the new Phantom will evolve the current car's design, which makes no attempt to hide its grand dimensions nor its imposing road presence.

Concerns related to aerodynamics and fuel economy may dictate that the front end becomes a little less upright than the current-generation, though. The rear of this prototype also looks as though it will be a little more curvaceous than the present Phantom.


Rear seat passengers will again be well catered for by the new Phantom, with much of the car's passenger space dedicated to those situated aft of the B-pillar.

The next-generation model sticks with the company's suicide door layout, while the D-pillar is broad enough to hide any celebrity or head of state who's ensconced within the car's leather and wood confines.

Reports indicate that the new Phantom will be the first car from the brand to use a new modular aluminium architecture. Once the next-generation Phantom has begun swanning its way into driveways, it will be rolled out to other next-gen Rolls-Royce vehicles.


Naturally this will include Phantom variants, such as the coupe and convertible, as well as the successor to smaller Ghost sedan, Wraith coupe and Dawn convertible.

The lightweight platform will also serve as the basis of Rolls-Royce's first ever SUV, currently referred to by its development name, Project Cullinan. This crossover will mix traditional Rolls-Royce styling with all-wheel drive components shared with the three-row BMW X7, also currently under development.