The six-cylinder model will be the star of the upcoming 2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Sprint and 2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint show, according to leaked details that surfaced online over the weekend.
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  • Falcon XR6 Turbo Sprint, Falcon XR8 Sprint: big power, big premiums
  • XR6 Turbo Sprint boosted beyond 320kW

Both models will deliver more power, at significant premiums, over their regular counterparts - but it’s buyers of the XR6 Turbo Sprint that will get the biggest boost and the biggest premium.

Producing 325kW and 576Nm of torque, the upgraded XR6 Turbo Sprint is expected to be priced at $54,990 plus on-road costs - a combination that represents an increase of 55kW and 43NM over the regular XR6 Turbo, and a price increase of $9800. An automatic-only offering is expected.

The XR8, only recently returned from the dead, will have its numbers turned up from 335kW and 570Nm to 345kW and 575Nm - making for a respectable improvement while wisely, if only officially, staying below the 351kW and 650Nm offered by the final-edition FPV GT-F 351 a couple of years ago.

With a $6500 premium over the regular 5.0-litre supercharged XR8, the XR8 Sprint will be offered at $59,990 plus on-roads for the manual and $62,190 plus on-roads for the auto.


As with the regular FG X XR8, both of the special Sprint models will likely ride on a version of the now retired FPV house’s GT RSPEC chassis. That package will again include a staggered footprint with new-design 19x9-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 275mm rubber.

Gold-painted six-piston Brembo calipers will work up front, while four-piston Brembos will bring up the rear. In regular XR8 form, there’s four-pot Brembos at the front wheels and singles at the back.

A unique body graphics package and special badges inside and out can be expected - including logo-embroidered seats, as CarAdvice revealed exclusively in December.

The Sprint models will either join or outright replace their regular counterparts in the Falcon line and then see out Australian production until the local manufacturing operation winds up in October.

Official details on the XR6 Turbo Sprint and XR8 Sprint are expected to come tomorrow.