An expanded range of the newly revealed 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is on its way, according to reports out of Europe today.
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The new second-generation Tiguan range will reportedly see the standard five-seat model joined by a longer wheelbase variant with a third row of seating on offer. A more sports-styled model with a tapered coupe-like roofline is expected to follow.

The standard version of the new 2017 Tiguan will be hitting the showroom floors later this year and, according to the UK's Autocar, the seven-seat variant will join the lineup in 2017.


Above: an early teaser sketch of the recently revealed Tiguan, pictured top and below.

The so-called 'coupe' version (think BMW X4) could follow in 2018, with all three models based on the MQB A2 platform and could offer either front or four-wheel drive.

Both the standard five-seat variant and the coupe are expected to share the same 2681mm wheelbase, while the extended version model will reportedly stretch to a 2791 mm wheelbase.

“We are planning to introduce a whole family of Tiguan models in coming years,” Jochen Böhle, head of product development for VW’s compact car lineup, told Autocar.

“Tiguan has developed into a sub-brand, and we intend to build on it”.


“The coupe was not originally on the plan," he said. "It came later." Among the keen supporters for the new style-led coupe model is Volkswagen’s newly installed brand chairman, Herbert Diess.

“Mr Diess is pushing the Tiguan coupé project,” said Boehle.

While an R variant of the standard version has been quashed currently, it has been indicated that the R badge could make its way onto the coupe version at a later time.