The Citroen Cactus is proving to be extremely popular for the French manufacturer, with the quirky SUV tipped to spark a renaissance for the brand.
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Tyson Bowen, PR and Communications Manager for Citroen Australia, said the new compact SUV has attracted the strongest pre-order interest for Citroen in Australia in a very long time.

"For the first time in well over a decade, our dealers have been pre-selling cars with orders coming in 3-4 months in advance. In fact, the first deposit went down last September," Bowen said.

The Cactus is on display in Aussie showrooms, but the first drivable examples won't arrive till March.

"This almost relaunches the brand for us and is an indication on where we're going."


Part of the attraction for buyers is the staggering number of colour and trim combinations, no less than 23,184 in fact.

"The amount of fun we've had with this car and will have with this car is an exciting part of the process," said Bowen.

Interestingly, the personalisation options have revealed a number of State-based trend.

Hero Yellow - that featured in our recent article on colour trends of 2015/16 - has been the most popular choice accounting for 33 percent of all pre-orders across Australia and was the number one pick in most States and Territories - except Victoria where yellow is synonymous with taxis.

“We’re quite surprised by Victorian orders – it was one of the only states, along with the ACT, where Yellow isn’t the predominant colour choice,” said Citroen Australia’s National Sales Manager, Shaun Mackle.


“Interestingly, buyers in New South Wales are more inclined to personalise their Cactus, with 60% of customers opting for personalised mirror shells, roof rails or C-Pillar lettering; the highest of any state,” said Mackle.

Queenslanders aren't fond of black, instead going for Hero Yellow and white, while the majority of orders from Western Australia feature a panoramic sunroof.

In the Australian Capital Territory buyers prefer Black or Deep Purple, and after March you might spot a Hero Yellow or Blue Lagoon Cactus cruising around in Tasmania.

“Interestingly for us, the ACT is one of only two markets to feature 100% diesel drivetrains, the other being Tasmania – this is driven by Cactus’ low emissions and fuel use, which will benefit state road taxes and registration,” said Mackle.

And as for the least popular colour combination... zero percent have ordered a silver car with brown cladding thank god.