The European arm of General Motors has handed down a first genuine look at its coming Opel GT coupe concept, following last week’s lightweight teaser clip.
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Due to be unveiled at the 2016 Geneva motor show in March, Opel’s latest concept is expected to preview a future production coupe that will form a key part in the car maker’s plan to “reinvent itself”.

This latest Opel GT teaser is a two-parter: a short but revealing video clip and a clear but tightly-cropped photo.

In the new video, we’re treated to a look at the GT’s front quarter over the shoulder of Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann (above), revealing that the coupe’s styling is at least partly inspired by the company’s earlier Monza concept.

The company also proffered a second treat, showing off a centre-set twin exhaust design, with the two ports connected - almost like a leather band between two eyelets - by the previously revealed GT logo.

Little is known about the GT at this point, but, while its unveiling will follow hot on the heels of cousin Buick’s rear-wheel-drive Avista concept, Opel’s offering is expected to ride on the front- and all-wheel-drive D2XX platform that underpins the new Astra range.


That means no burnouts in the classic sense, but a performance-focused front-wheel-drive design is nonetheless likely. And if Opel takes a tip from the likes of Audi, an even more impressive all-wheel-drive configuration could be on the cards.

Can we expect to see the future production coupe in Australia as the Holden GT? It won't be the V8-powered hero we've been promised, but if we got the Cascada, we could also be in for this new coupe.

Watch for more on the GT to surface as it nears its Geneva debut, and learn more at our links below.