The 2017 Chevrolet/Holden Cruze Hybrid Sedan has been spied testing in Detroit ahead of its expected announcement and release later this year.
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The regular Cruze Sedan, which will be sold locally alongside the new-generation Astra hatch, is expected to be sourced from Korea, while it remains unclear where the Cruze Hybrid Sedan could be sourced.

On the design front, the Cruze Hybrid is expected to take on a slightly different look to the Cruze Sedan, featuring design cues from the Malibu Hybrid. The intention is to improve aerodynamics and efficiency.


Powering the Cruze Hybrid Sedan will be either a 1.5- or 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine mated to a twin-motor electric drivetrain, similar in design to the Malibu Hybrid.

If the engineering layout does follow the Malibu Hybrid, it could also use a 1.5kWh 80-cell battery system that utilises regenerative braking and exhaust gas heat recovery system to heat the cabin.

Additionally, it uses active grille shutters to improve airflow and fuel efficiency.


Speaking at a Holden event in 2015, Holden sales director Peter Keley told CarAdvice, "We will sell more Cruze with the next-generation after we have closed [our factory] than we sold last month.

“… Cruze is at the end of its product cycle, we will replace the vehicle and sell more cars than we do today,” he said.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze front 7/8

Above: the new Cruze sedan in its regular petrol form.

Holden spokesperson, Sean Poppit, told CarAdvice that “Holden remains committed to bring in the best products from around the GM world.

"By 2020 we will have replaced or refreshed every single model in the Holden portfolio and added key models in currently untapped segments but we have nothing specific to announce right now”.

Would you like to see the Chevrolet/Holden Cruze Hybrid Sedan go on sale in Australia in the future?