Aston Martin has released a short teaser clip for a new 5.2-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine that will appear in production this year.
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The British luxury marque has long been known to have signed an agreement with Daimler that will see Mercedes-AMG supply a twin-turbo V8 for its future models, along with a number of electrical components.

Today’s preview video offers a first listen to the company’s own new V12 engine, which is expected to power flagship models in the next-generation Aston Martin range.

And, with a 2016 debut locked in for the new engine, it’s likely the coming DB11 hero that we can expect to hear this 5.2-litre mill’s roar emanating from.

Outputs for the new engine are top secret for now, although a figure somewhere between the 421kW of the Vanquish and the 597kW+ Vulcan.

The new engine’s provenance has not been announced, although UK magazines Autocar and Car have reported this week that the V12 is a brand-new in-house development.

Production will reportedly be carried out at the same Ford plant in Germany that builds Aston’s Cosworth-developed naturally-aspirated 6.0-litre V12, which was developed when the company was still owned by Ford.