Step over Toyota Prius, there is a new kid in town, the Citroen C3 HDi. The Europeans have finally caught up to the iconic Toyota Prius, producing a conventional car with a fuel economy of just 4.4 litres/100kms. The new Citroen is now on par with the Prius for fuel economy.
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Citroen C3 HDi

The new Citroen C3 HDi goes to show that Diesel engines are able to keep up with the development of Hybrid cars, and with recent reports showing a swing against Hybrids, it seems that buyers are aware!

"The Citroën C3 HDi will be common sense choice for car buyers looking for the ultimate in economy motoring," says Miles Williams, General Manager for Citroën in Australia.

Powered by a 1.6-litre 66 kW Turbo Diesel engine, the C3 HDi will do the 0-100 kmh dash in a respectable 10.8 seconds.

More details for the new Citroën C3 HDi will be availabe in October.