Victorian residents beware, the State government's latest and most expensive speed camera has been proven wrong, by a bus driver. Victoria Police admitted last week that the new point-to-point speed camera system recently installed on the Hume Highway had issued a ticket to an innocent man.
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The new system works by photographing a vehicle as it passes between two camera stations, it then calculates the time taken and works out the average speed of the vehicle! At least, that's what it's suppose todo.

The system recently caught a bus belonging to Seymour Coaches driving 123km/h in a 110km/h zone. Although the $250 fine didn't bother the driver, Seymour Coaches managing director Peter Louchnan wasn't going to admit fault, especially when all his buses are speed limited to 100km/hr!

After indicating the company was going to fight the fine, government inspectors came and verified the limiter prevented the bus from exceeding 100km/h and the charge was dropped.

Victoria Police Superintendent Shane Patton was quick to put the blame on human error and not the camera equipment. Mr Patton told reporters two similar buses with similar number plates were traveling on the road at the same time. Mr Patton blamed the ticket on human supervisors who are supposed to verify the automated ticketing process.

Source: The Age