The big new Bugatti Chiron hypercar has been spied on the road again, this time accompanied by an entourage of its high-powered and premium peers.
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Caught by YouTube user Tim Wolke, two camouflaged examples of the Chiron are seen rolling quietly through a suburban street, led by its predecessor the Veyron.

Rolling close behind is a $1.5 million Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar, followed by Lamborghini’s far more affordable Huracan and the most accessible of them all, BMW’s i8 plug-in hybrid coupe.

The video, above, is joined by a second official teaser from Bugatti, which takes the form of a virtual Christmas card offering season’s greetings and a promise to unwrap the Chiron at March’s Geneva motor show.

As with an earlier teaser, along similar lines, this latest preview hints at the Chiron’s design through the profile, which will be dominated by a large crescent fin feature bisecting the hypercar down the centre.

Official technical details are still to come, but reports suggest the Chiron will be driven by an overhauled version of the Veyron’s running gear, including a dramatically enhanced take on its 8.0-litre W16 engine producing upwards of 1100kW.