The next generation of Chevrolet’s rugged little Niva is on the way at last, with what looks to be the final production model appearing in a set of leaked patent images this week.
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Revealed more than a year ago as a concept, the new Niva was presented as a capable off-roader kitted up with a roof rack, high-set driving lights, a winch setup and guards over the lighting at both ends.

The images leaked this week reveal a more conventional road-going setup, but, predictably, the Niva’s styling - including that EcoSport-like face - is otherwise unchanged from the already market-friendly concept design.

Lada Chevrolet Niva

Above: the 2014 Niva concept

In its current form, the 17 year-old Chevrolet Niva is built on the underpinnings of the even older Lada Niva, with both built by Russia’s AvtoVAZ in partnership with General Motors.

There is also a local connection for the Niva, thanks to its design being the work of ex-Holden designer Ondrej Koromhaz. More, the Niva concept shown last year fabricated in Melbourne before being shipped to Russia for the Moscow motor show.


Although the new Niva is not expected to be offered in Australia (even though the original Lada Niva was), we can expect more Holden experience to appear in the look of future GM models.

“I think we have a really well-respected design studio and I think GM values the talent we’ve got and certainly one of our areas of expertise is building show cars… the guys are really busy,” Holden national manager of product communications Kate Lonsdale told CarAdvice when the Niva concept was unveiled.