Used Car Safety Ratings 2006

Melbourne's Monash University has conducted the Used Car Safety Ratings for 2006.
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The Highlights of the study are as follows:

Better than average crashworthiness and aggressivity
  • Subaru Forester 97-02
  • Holden Astra TS 98-04
  • Toyota Corolla 98-01
  • Ford Telstar/Mazda 626 92-97
  • Nissan Bluebird 93-97
  • Mercedes C Class 95-00
  • Honda Accord 91-93
Worse than average crashworthiness and aggressivity
  • Daihatsu Rocky/Rugger 95-98
  • Holden WB Series utility 82-85
  • Toyota Hiace/Liteace 82-86 and 87-89
  • Mitsubishi Cordia 83-87
  • Mitsubishi Starwagon 83-86 and 87-93
  • Toyota Supra 82-90

If I wasn't going on and on about Subaru's safety and reliability enough in the last month, this survey has AGAIN rated a Subaru as the best for safety of occupants and other road users.

a 'standout' car was identified, with the Subaru Forester (1997-2002) rating as a top performer in both dimensions. This car is a standout performer -- it shows you can have off-road capability with excellent occupant protection and low aggressivity

So please do look at the results before buying a used car, it is well worth a bit of your time, it also makes you wonder if the little bit of fuel that you save in buying a small car is actually worth your life!

While the best protection against injury is to drive safely and encourage other road users to drive safely - the safer your car, the better off you'll be when the unexpected happens, In fact, according to the European Transport Safety Council, if everyone drove the safest car in its class, the road toll could be halved overnight. We would certainly encourage people buying a used car to consider choosing one of the best-rated models said TAC General Manager Road Safety, David Healy.

Information gathered from the study conducted by Monash University