The new Renault Clio RS220 is now the quickest ‘B segment’ hot hatch to lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife, according to German magazine Sport Auto.
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Data published by the magazine this week, and supported by the German arm of Renault, shows a lap time of 8 minutes 32 seconds. That’s nearly 40 seconds slower than the RS220’s big brother the Megane RS 275 Trophy-R, but, as the magazine’s additional laps suggest, convincingly quicker than its most direct rivals.


The RS220 was piloted on the lap by Sport Auto editor and “supertester” Christian Gebhardt, who also completed comparison laps in the Mini Cooper JCW, Opel Corsa OPC and Audi S1.

Gebhardt’s laps saw the turbocharged 164kW 1.6-litre RS220 neatly outpace all three, the 170kW Cooper JCW coming closest with a 8:35 lap. The 170kW all-wheel drive S1 and the 152kW Corsa OPC listed 8:41 and 8:40 times respectively.


Over its regular RS200 sibling, the Clio RS220 boasts a larger turbo and redesigned air intake, along with a revised exhaust design and new engine mapping.

There’s also a ‘torque boost’ function for the fourth and fifth gears of the RS220’s six-speed auto, which has been updated to offer 30 per cent faster shifts.


Driving changes are rounded out with stiffer shock absorbers and hydraulic bump stoppers, and a 20/10mm lower front/rear suspension setup.

The Clio RS220 made its Australian debut this month, priced from $39,990. What do you think of that deal, given this latest report of segment-smashing performance? Tell us in the comments below.