Volkswagen ponders Porsche Panamera platform

While the board of Volkswagen AG may have already voted to axe the Panamera from the Porsche line-up post merger, a report published by Edmunds today has said the four-door coupe's platform will be used by at least one of the company's other premium brands.
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With so little clarification available we're left wondering as to what the future may hold for a platform with a lifespan still some eight years long.

In the short term at least the answer is unclear and looking through the VW retinue of brands it's hard to find an answer.


Audi already has a number of similar vehicles in production, or in the pipeline, and it seems very unlikely it would get the nod.

Then there's Bentley, which could use the platform in its next Continental GT, but rumour has it this job will be filled by an aluminium platform from Audi in a bid to save weight.

Bugatti is also considering a four-door sports coupe, but with a final decision already close to production it also seems highly unlikely the Panamera platform will be used here either.

That leaves Lamborghini which has already stated that its Estoque will not use the Porsche platform either.


So, as far as we see it and unless VW itself is going to do something less prosaic, the Panamera platform could be shelved, at least for the next few years.

That begs the question; will this ensure that the Panamera becomes Porsche's ultimate modern-day collector's item?