If you thought Citroen’s recent Cactus M concept was a clear nod to the company’s iconic Mehari off-roader, the French carmaker has pushed the homage a step further this week.
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At first glance, passers-by could easily mistake the new E-Mehari with the Cactus M, which debuted in September as an inventive sun-seeking version of the new C4 Cactus SUV.

Look closer, however, and it quickly becomes clear that, apart from a general overall family look, this new electric buggy shares little with its Cactus siblings - above the surface and below.


On the styling front, E-Mehari introduces a more retro-styled look to the Cactus formula, its doors finished with grooves and protruding hinge covers, while the silver-finished upright window and rollover frames add additional flair.

And, as with the Mehari of the 1960s before it, the E-Mehari’s design focuses heavily on plastics, including a thermoformed plastic body developed to resist minor impacts.

Developed together with electric vehicle company Bollore, the E-Mehari is powered by an unspecified electric motor mated to a 30kWh lithium-ion battery power.


Citroen promises a driving range of around 200 kilometres and a top speed of 110km/h, with a full recharge period of eight hours.

A 2016 production launch is confirmed for the E-Mehari, with Citroen understood to be targeting hotels and resorts in southern Europe as the EV’s ideal customer base.