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The latest round of ANCAP safety tests have yielded maximum five-star ratings for a trio of SUVs — the Audi Q7, Honda HR-V and (as we already reported today) the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

The Honda HR-V just now receives its rating despite launching in February, and going on to be Honda’s top-selling car locally. The ANCAP test crunched data from ASEAN NCAP testing.

It managed an outstanding 36.21 out of 37 in testing against the harshest 2015 criteria, with perfect scores for head/neck and upper leg protection. The rating covers all variants in the range.

“The Honda is a popular selling model in the competitive, compact SUV market so it’s encouraging to see it performing well in the structural tests but autonomous braking and lane keeping technology are only available on higher end variants,” said ANCAP CEO James Goodwin.

PHOTO- Audi Q7 (2015 - onwards) 5 star

The Audi Q7 test, based on data from Euro NCAP testing measured against ANCAP metrics awarded the car 94 per cent in adult protection, 88 per cent in child occupant protection, 76 per cent in safety assistance and 70 per cent against passenger protection tests.

The newly launched Audi managed perfect head/neck and upper leg protection scores, but only managed 2.67 out of 4 for chest protection. The ANCAP rating applies to the 3.0 litre diesel with standard seats.

“The Q7 offers an impressive list of standard features including an Autonomous Emergency Braking function which operates at both low and high speeds, and it is also fitted with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping systems,” Goodwin said.

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport launched here this week. It’s the replacement for the Challenger, and takes on other recent five-star recipients such as the Ford Everest and Toyota Fortuner.

PHOTO- Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2015 - onwards) 5 star

It managed 36.22 out of 37 in testing. Read more about the Pajero Sport’s result in our separate story here.

“The Pajero Sport is a significant safety improvement over the model it replaces and provides consumers in the large 4WD segment with another five star choice,” Goodwin said.

“With ever increasing numbers of people buying SUVs it’s good to see more vehicles in that category obtaining a five star result so that consumers have greater choice when it comes to buying a safer vehicle,” he added.