Lotus Evora makes delivery number one

The first delivery of the highly anticipated Lotus Evora took place today with Matthew Melling of Twickenham, UK receiving the keys to car number one, a Storm Titanium coloured vehicle, from Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars Limited.
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The order books for the new Evora are now full for the next five months and still growing such is the demand for Lotus’ award winning Evora.

To meet demand an extra 150 new manufacturing staff have been recruited to support assembly operations. Full production is expected to reach the maximum rate by the end of November 2009.

"It is quite an emotional time to deliver the first Lotus Evora to Mr. Melling. The whole team has worked incredibly hard to design, engineer and produce such a stunning and high performing sportscar and it is a great feeling to hand over the keys to the first customer today," said Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars Limited. "The Evora has won many awards around the world already so we are not surprised that there is high demand for the car and I am sure that each customer who receives their car will be delighted with their purchase."
"I was determined to be the first in the world to get my hands on an Evora so with Stratton Motor Company’s help, I laid down my deposit within seconds of the order books being opened last year," said Matthew Melling, Evora's first owner. "I have read all the press reviews of the Evora and am so excited about getting behind the wheel – what a great start to September!"

The Lotus Evora can be ordered now through the Lotus dealer network in Australia.