The Germany luxury car maker is reportedly working on a new battery pack for the BMW i3, which is said to improve its EV driving range.
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According to internal sources who have spoken to Autocar, BMW is currently developing a new lithium-ion battery pack for the i3 using some new technology and techniques developed since the car's 2013 launch.

The new battery pack for the i3 is said to have the same 22kWh capacity as the current unit, but will feature a higher power density, which it's claimed will improve the car's range to around 200 kilometres on a full charge.

At present, the BMW i3 is said to have a pure electric driving range of between 130 and 160 kilometres.

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The magazine's sources state the new battery will be available in updated versions of both the all-electric i3 hatch, and the range extended i3, which employs a 27kW 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine to top up the battery when it begins running low.

No timeframe has been given for when the new battery will be available in the i3, but when it does come out, it will reportedly be available as a retrofit option for i3 hatches already on the road.

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The all-electric i3 is currently available in Australia with a price starting from $63,990. The range-extended version begins at $69,990. Prices include GST, but exclude on-road costs.

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