Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its hydrogen-powered B-Class F-CELL, a car it says will produce similar power outputs to that of a 2.0-litre petrol vehicle while contributing zero emissions.
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The F-CELL will be tested in both the EU and the US and will develop 100kW/289Nm from an electric motor. At the same time the F-CELL manages a fuel economy rate equivalent to 3.3 litres per 100km (or a cruising range of roughly 400 kilometres).

Mercedes-Benz has utilised the latest generation fuel cell system, as well as a lithium-ion battery pack, which is encased beneath the B-Class’ floor. Mercedes has as improved the system’s temperature range, with the B-Class F-CELL capable of function in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

200 examples of the F-CELL will be used in fleet testing from next year as Mercedes-Benz works closely with governments, utility companies and oil companies (in both Germany and California, US) to speed the development of hydrogen infrastructure.