The Foton Tunland ute has joined Holden’s Captiva SUVs in being recalled this week for a seemingly innocuous but potentially dangerous issue.
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Unlike the Captiva, however, which was recalled for a jack label that incorrectly defines a “safe working load”, the Tunland’s recall is due to a jack label that does not properly match the wording required by the the mandatory standard for vehicle jacks, AS/NZS 2693:2007.

Where the label should correctly advise users to not work beneath a vehicle supported by the jack, it instead says that users should not work beneath a vehicle supported only by the jack.


As a result, Australian distributor Ateco Automotive is required to recall all vehicles equipped with the jack.

The recall affects 1857 Tunland utes, in the VIN range LVAV2MBB6BJ000028 to LVAV2KBB6EJ002869.

Ateco has confirmed it will write to owners of affected vehicles, who will be advised to contact their preferred Foton dealer.