Volkswagen working on a new logo

Our partners are have some rather interesting news, apparently Volkswagen are considering a new logo! The current VW logo just doesn't seem to cut it anymore.
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With dismal sales results in the U.S. there have been some rumours of a complete and total pull out of Volkswagen from the States, although we imagine that is rather unlikely.

In the meantime, Volkswagen is working hard on the next generation Golf, now delayed till end of next year and to coincide with the release, CEO Martin Winterkorn wants VW to move up in the world with a new logo.

With sister company Audi stealing all the limelight, word from GCB is the new logo will remain relatively the same but appear more prominent and prestigious.

Of course it is only a rumour at this stage, but it's worth noting that GCB is ran by Volkswagen employees!