X for 10, X for all over. Final. Finished. Finito. The legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution line is has come to an end, some 23 years after the Evolution I appeared.
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Mitsubishi hasn’t ruled out a future Evolution, but it’s more likely to evolve into an SUV, and electric drive assistance is likewise expected. So, future Evo or not, the Evolution as we know it is done.

Fans have a last chance to be a part of history, though, with the introduction today of Mitsubishi Australia’s promised Lancer Evolution Final Edition.

Following in the treadmarks of the recent Japanese-market version, Australia’s Final Edition will be limited to just 150 units while also adding more power and torque into the bargain.


Bettering the 217kW and 366Nm of the regular Evo X, the Evolution Final Edition ups outputs to 226kW at 6500rpm and 414Nm at 3500rpm.

The increase will be a welcome point to boast, edging the ageing but heroic Evo X past the current Australian-delivered WRX STI, which offers 221kW and 407Nm. (Subaru fans can, of course, counter with the fact that WRX has a future.)

Mitsubishi credits the boost to the use of sodium-filled exhaust valves, increasing cooling efficiency and allowing for greater outputs to be generated.

Mechanically, the special-edition Evo is otherwise largely unchanged, and all 150 GSR-based examples are equipped with a five-speed manual only.


Features with the Evolution Final Edition are a mix of GSR and MR bits, with Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs included.

In the cabin, buyers will find a leather-trimmed steering wheel, park brake, shift knob with contrasting red stitching, black headlining, black pillars, leather-look floor console with red stitching and ‘Final Edition’ carpet mats. A rear-view camera is also featured.

On the outside, there’s 18-inch BBS satin platinum alloy wheels with a gold centre cap, matched to gloss black and dark chrome trim garnishes. Final Edition badging rounds out the exterior styling.

Finally, each example will get its own unique number plate, from AU0001 through to AU0150.


“Throughout the last decade, Lancer Evolution served as a halo for the Lancer sedan range and the Mitsubishi brand on the strength of its incredible rally heritage, state-of-the-art technology and sure-footed dynamics," Mitsubishi Australia marketing director Tony Principe said.

“The Final Edition Lancer Evolution, delivering the highest engine performance in the history of the Evo series, builds on all of the technology honed in the evolutionary path since the introduction of the Evolution I in 1992.

“While the Lancer Evolution has reached full maturity as a high-performance four-wheel drive sedan, Mitsubishi Motors will continue to apply technology honed from the Lancer Evolution like Mitsubishi’s Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) four wheel drive system, to other vehicles, as with Outlander PHEV.

“The Lancer Evolution is integral to Mitsubishi’s notable motoring heritage and we are proud to round off this chapter with such a fitting tribute.”


The Lancer Evolution Final Edition is priced at $53,700 plus on-road costs.

By comparison, the regular Evo X models were most recently priced at $56,990 for the GSR and $65,990 for the MR.

Subaru’s WRX STI is priced at $49,790 plus on-road costs.