Nearly 20,000 Holden Captiva SUVs have been recalled this month as a result of incorrect labelling on the supplied jack.
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The details of the recall indicate that there is no danger to owners driving their vehicle or using the jack, but labelling on the jack itself fails to meet mandatory Australian standards.

Holden confirms that the jack supplied with the affected vehicles identifies both the specific model that the jack is to be used with, along with a “safe working load” - whereas the mandatory standard AS/NZS2693-2007 dictates that the label may only identify the specific model and not a working load.

The standard is intended to ensure that users do not interpret the safe working load as grounds to use the jack with a vehicle other than that specified.


The recall affects vehicles CG Captiva 5 and CG Captiva 7 vehicles built between 28 May 2014 to 21 September 2015, within the VIN range KL3CA26U9EB044391 to KL3CD2669FB083741.

Holden confirms that 19,985 are affected by the recall, and the company will contact customers to notify them of them of the required action.

The fix is understood to entail a visit to a Holden dealer, where the label will be corrected to remove mention of a safe working load.