Volkswagen says the fix to its emission cheating diesel cars should have no effect on performance, with the majority of cars expected to have nothing but a software update.
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Speaking to the media at today’s Tokyo motor show, Volkswagen’s CEO of passenger cars, Herbert Diess, said that his company’s aim is to maintain the same levels of performance while meeting the required emission laws that the EA189 engines cheated using defeat devices.

“That is the target.” Diess said when asked if performance of the EA189 engines will remain the same as before any fix.

“We are very confident to achieve that for the most of the cars, in some cases we are still working on options.”

Diess had earlier apologised for Volkswagen’s actions, calling its emission cheat scandal “everything against which the company stands for”.

According to him, Volkswagen’s priority now shifts to reassuring its existing customers that their vehicles will be properly fixed and perform as expected.

“Most important is for us is to fix the problem, to really get in contact with our customers so they can feel safe about what’s going to happen with their cars. Their cars are safe, legal and drivable and many of the cars we have to do some work on, but they are perfectly fine.”

The fix for the EA189 engines, which Diess said will be a basic software update for the majority of affected cars, is expected to be implemented starting in Europe and North America next year alongside affected vehicles in Australia.

Exact details are yet to be confirmed, however it appears the details of the recall and its intended fix are only weeks away.